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Short and sweet this month. Let's jump in.

Alistair Nestor


2020 Sales Foundation Certification now up


It's time to get certified

Great news! The 2020 Sales Foundation Certification is now available to take. Opting for a different approach to its 2019 iteration, it's completely standalone and comprises a series of short videos with some simple questions.

What's covered?

Expect an introductory level of information that equips salespeople to best identify PaperCut MF opportunities. Topics include:

  • Introduction to PaperCut
  • Targeted industry verticals and their challenges/needs
  • Key features of PaperCut MF
  • How to position PaperCut MF
  • Useful PaperCut resources

Basically, it's highly relevant to anyone involved in selling PaperCut MF. That being said, we've also got an advanced course for Solution Consultants who close PaperCut MF deals arriving mid 2020.

Questions? Trouble accessing the course? Get in touch at marketing@papercut.com.


New content


Support for .NET Core

Integrator Alec and members of the PaperCut ecosystem now have C# code working on .NET Core.

  • The code uses an XML-RPC library compatible with Cook Computing, so no changes to your code are needed. Look for server/examples/webservices/csharp/README.md in the application server directory
  • Building the ServerCommandProxy source code into a DLL for PowerShell? Check out the updated KB article outlining how to administer PaperCut with PowerShell.
  • The team has also updated the serverProxyCommand.cs source code file to work with the current 19.2 API, which is bound to make a lot of people happy.

NOTE: The above updates will arrive in PaperCut MF 19.2.3.

New web services API bug fix

The Integrations Team has found a bug in the following web services API call: getGroupMembers().

It prevents server-command from getting more than the first 1,000 users in the group. But fear not: a fix will be going out in release 19.2.3.

Any questions? Ping us at integration-dev-support@papercut.com, or in our Google Group.