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New site & PaperCut Pocket restricted beta


PaperCut Pocket in restricted beta

PaperCut Pocket, our cloud-based printing solution for small business, is now in the wild as a restricted beta. Here's everything you need to know:

  • The beta is currently full, but we'll soon transition it to an open beta; customers can stay in the loop by signing up to the beta as usual.
  • Signing up to the beta does not guarantee immediate participation; we review every application and decide on the right time for joining.

New website

We've also refreshed PaperCut.com to give you and the public a richer, more navigable experience.

  • New branding, including updated visual/illustration style and logos.
  • New Discover section exploring all key features via easy-to-digest sections and themes.
  • New comparer tool breaking down core products by feature, industry, and tech options.

New year, new promo materials


We've been busy making marketing materials. See what's new and translated below, then grab them in the PaperCut Portal.

New (translations coming soon)

  • Education Brochures – Schools; Higher education
  • Education Talk Tracks – Schools; Higher education
  • PaperCut Partner Presentation
  • Mobility Print Brochure


  • Top 10 Reasons to Use PaperCut MF* (also in Polish)
  • PaperCut MF Brochure in Dutch and Polish
  • GDPR doc in French

*German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)


Product updates & reminders


Mobility Print moving smoothly

Mobility Print standalone is fast approaching 1,000 new and active customers thanks to you, and we'd love for you to keep up the momentum.

Of course, don't forget to reiterate the long-term gain and opportunity presented by new signups who don't currently have print management. Here's a quick recap of what you can do:

  1. Chat to Google Cloud Print customers and persuade them to migrate.
  2. Drive M&S purchases for customers on version 16 or older.
  3. Write blogs, webpages, and social posts linking to the Mobility Print page.

Locally Hosted OCR paid feature reminder

A few customers have been surprised to see the Locally Hosted OCR/Document Processing beta stop working after upgrading to 19.2. We'd like to reiterate it's a paid feature available via an add-on pack.


Australia bushfires appeal update


Bushfires still burn in parts of Australia, with matters only likely to worsen as temperatures heat up in the coming months.

The latest on your legendary efforts

As you may know, we put a call out to you and the public, asking you to donate towards affected people and wildlife – and we now have some some amazing news to share:

  • As of sending this email, your collective efforts have raised $13,280.
  • PaperCut will be contributing a further $10,000.

We couldn't be more proud, touched, and grateful – and we ask that you please continue to share the campaign via social media using the following links for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Touching base with the KB


2019's most popular & monthly article spotlight

Curious which KB article took the crown with almost 24,000 views? Hint: it's a hot one. Find out.

Two of our handiest techies, James V and Tim B, have also put together an in-depth starter guide for writing custom reports with Jaspersoft Studio. It covers everything you need to report with bespoke datasets, and get more tailored insights for your print network.

Don't forget your feedback

Your feedback gives us invaluable data to improve the KB, which is why each article has a module on the right-hand side asking if you found the content helpful. Be sure to give it a click.


Environmental usage reporting

Recently released, our AdHoc Reporting API lets admins create and automate ad hoc reports via the Web Services API.

And now, with a new KB article in tow, we're putting the spotlight on generating environmental usage reports for individual users, and emailing them to your heart’s content. Handy.

Get the details in the new KB, or jump right into the code.

Questions? Ping us at integration-dev-support@papercut.com, or in our Google Group.