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You will have noticed over the last few issues that we’ve had new webpages for you. Continuing with this, we’re pleased to share our digital workplace page. It’s a must-see for any customer wondering how to make the most of the productivity benefits that come from mobile printing, scanning and digital workflows. So share away!

In this issue:

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Customize your login screen now


You may remember from a few months ago that we published a new KB directed at students who are trying to login to PaperCut - mostly because they want to add money to their balance. You wouldn’t believe how many searches we get on our website for the word “login”.

Now we’ve taken this one step further with a new blog post aimed at your sys admin customers. The post explains how they can customize their PaperCut login screen and also advertise the URL of the login screen with their users. After the screen is customized, a user will see extra instructions on it to explain what to do, such as what login credentials they should use.

So go ahead and share this blog with your network to help spread the word.

Remember, there are loads of customization options in PaperCut. It’s a good idea to remind your customers that all the details are available on our website in the PaperCut MF/NG Manual.


Blogs for all


It’s been a big couple of weeks for blogs. I thought I’d share the highlights with you here - there’s bound to be something that appeals to your own audience so feel free to share away.

Topping my list is a great new case study about a floating school (no, that’s not a typo).

We’ve also focused on innovation through both people (our interns) and our Hackathon (Constructival).

And there’s plenty for the techies, too, with our QA Jason talking about solving syntax errors and Integration guru Alec presenting at a recent conference about the Pandoc text formatting tool.

Integration Corner

New Custom Auth and Sync Tool

Normally, customers integrate PaperCut MF with Active Directory (AD), LDAP, or a cloud service such as Google Cloud Directory. PaperCut MF can then get account information about users and an authentication service for passwords.

If your customer does not have such a system, PaperCut MF internal accounts are often used.

However there is a third option: Custom Authentication and Synchronization, and it's not that hard to use.

Creating a simple, custom module allows PaperCut MF to access a third party directory (perhaps something as simple as an SQL database) in the same manner as LDAP or AD.

We have a Knowledge Base article about this, as well as sample code (in both Python and Go) to get you started. You can watch Alec showing off the Go version at our internal showcase.

If you want to install a copy on your demo system (this is not battle ready production code!) but you’re not comfortable building in Go, shoot an email to integration-dev-support@papercut.com and we’ll send you the version for your platform. The Python version should also work well on MacOS and Linux.

Don't forget that if you have any integration questions you can contact your ASC for help and assistance.


What's new in the KB


We've got three new KBs for you this month along with six updates. Make sure you bookmark the new Project Wollemi News and Activity page. This is where you'll find all our latest activities and plans on the future of scanning and document capture.

Also of note is the Cloud Services Release History KB, which outlines all our current cloud solutions, as well as their release history.