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Variety’s the spice of life, so we’re kicking off 2019 with a bit of everything! Sales tools and tasty integration morsels… All your favorites are back to help you hit the ground running with new-year zeal.

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New sales tool in the portal

Marketing Collateral

Our new talk track is your go-to for positioning PaperCut MF as the ideal solution for large businesses – not just SMBs and schools.

It’s full of detailed content highlighting how PaperCut MF meets the key print management needs of large enterprises (with real-world examples and case studies to boot).

Integration Corner

How to automate refunds – with sample code!

One thing we get asked a lot is whether you can automate refunds of PaperCut MF/NG balances – particularly in libraries and schools.

The good news? You totally can. The better news? We’ve created a simple Python web application you can call from the PaperCut user interface to show how it's done.

The sample code isn’t meant for production environments, but it’ll help you write something suitable, and highlights the web services API calls you need to use.

As for how it works: when the user hits Confirm, their PaperCut balance clears, and the application code credits the library account (or whatever’s appropriate).

Keen to learn more about the web services API? See our top tips to get the most out of it and join the web services API community.


How much paper are you saving?


The paper savings report in PaperCut MF/NG lets users check out their awesome eco-friendly efforts. Got your own favorite paper saving tips? Let us know!


Next-level savings for Nova Scotia


Check out how we delivered secure and convenient printing for the Nova Scotia Government, saving them up to $8k a month. Wowee.