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This issue’s all about a bit of practical prep for the year to come. Most noteworthy is our new Tech Certification, ready for you right this minute.

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2019 Tech Certification is here

Tech Certified

Level 1 Technical Training and Certification for 2019 is now live in our Learning Management System (LMS). Huzzah!

When can I get certified?
Anytime from now. All technical staff who sell/support PaperCut products should speak with their ASC about how to best get their Level 1 Technical Certification for 2019. You can also train yourself up if you’re unable to take part in face-to-face training with your ASC.

What’s new?
We’ve added some fresh modules, including Job Ticketing, Scan to Cloud Storage, Administration, and Support features. Exciting stuff.

Anything else to know?
Just a couple things:

  • The 2019 training will replace the 2018 training on the LMS home page, but the latter will still be available for the rest of the year under ‘Catalog’ in the LMS.
  • If you recently completed the 2018 training – or you're part-way through – check your emails to find out your options for the 2019 training.

Questions? Speak to your ASC or get in touch at solutions@papercut.com.


Easier logins for the LMS

Training & Certifications

Remember when we asked you to create individual PaperCut Portal logins based on your company email address? Well, now we can finally let you in on our master plan: single sign-on for the Learning Management System (LMS)!

Why it’s great
Whenever you navigate to the LMS from inside the PaperCut Portal, you won’t need to log in again. Hallelujah. As for when, it’ll all be in place by the end of November.

What you need to do
Nothing! We're planning to go live by the end of November, so you’ll notice the change then.


Updated web services API for Systems Health Interface users

With release 18.3, we’ve introduced a small update to the web services API to help folks who use the System Health Interface API. Get a rundown from Alec on what the System Health Interface API is, and how to get the most out of it.


York Region loves Mobility Print


“If we’re talking work wise, stress wise – I love you, okay?” SysAdmin Rob Cover quite likes us – probably because we solved mobile printing for his beloved (and giant) Canadian schooling district.


Talking shop with Mr. Integration


Love the Integration Corner? You’ll love this chat with our main man Alec (who’s quite popular this issue) diving into the juiciness of the many great third-party integrations compatible with PaperCut.