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I’ve recently taken over as the editor of this newsletter and I can tell you there is plenty to talk about.

I promise to keep you up-to-date on the latest product features, training materials and sales tools we have - because we produce them with you in mind. And if you don’t know all the latest information, then we’re not doing our jobs properly!

Speaking of the latest info, I have two things to share before we get started:

  1. If you’re having trouble accessing these stories on the PaperCut Portal, get in touch with your ASC for access - see the story below
  2. 2018 level 1 certification is up and running, with flash new content and a new exam. Talk to your ASC or visit the portal to get started - everyone in your workplace should be certified!

I’d also love to hear from you about what you would like to see in this newsletter. Email me at

Maria Piera


What is this portal we talk of?

PaperCut Portal

Do you have a login to our PaperCut Portal? It’s an absolute goldmine of information for you.

From trial versions of the latest PaperCut MF, training content and certification tests, to the latest product information and marketing tools to help you, it’s all there. Have a look around.

My personal favorite is the secure release poster you can leave at a customer site to help them easily use their new PaperCut MFD interface.

If you don’t have a login to the portal or have forgotten it, please contact your ASC.


PaperCut v18.0 is now available


I hope you’re already familiar with the new release. In case you missed it, 18.0 includes the much anticipated new feature, Job Ticketing. We’ve also created a great Job Ticketing sales guide for you.

With Job Ticketing enabled, users can track and control print jobs sent to ALL print devices in their organization INCLUDING FabLabs. Biggest news EVER.

All the information about v18.0 is now available on our website and the download is available on the portal.


What’s brewing in the Percolator?


The Scan to Cloud Percolator project is going well - we’ve had over 210 sign ups in 2 weeks and there’s been lots of positive feedback.

If you haven’t already, sign up and let us know what you think of Scan to Cloud. And don’t forget to spread the word to your customers so they can get involved too!


A new look blog


Have you checked out the PaperCut blog recently? We’ve redesigned it and made it much easier to navigate.

In true PaperCut style, we’ve also written a post about our experiences in redesigning it.


What's new in the KB?


Every month our intrepid reporters (aka techies) spend time updating and adding to our Knowledge Base - affectionately known as the KB.

Take a peek and learn something new!

This month there are two key security updates with both the Security WhitePaper and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) KB being updated.


End-of-life for PaperCut MF + NG v15


Please let your customers know the following end-of-life dates for PaperCut MF and NG version 15.


As PaperCut MF was originally released in 2008, many of our APIs use the XML-RPC protocol to communicate to the application server, instead of the (currently very popular) RESTful approach.

You can expect to see more RESTful APIs coming from PaperCut, for instance the Device SSO is RESTful. But, as XML-RPC works well, we don't propose to replace our current XML-RPC APIs anytime soon.

So for folks who have not used XML-RPC before, I wrote a blog post to help you get started using the XML-RPC. I've also written a number of simple example clients in C, Python 3, PHP, Java and Go. You can find them on GitHub. Don't forget there are also various PaperCut web services API specific examples.

Ping if you want to know more about our APIs or want to discuss any integration opportunities you have.