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Reseller Newsletter
Welcome to the 7th edition of 2017 the PaperCut Reseller Newsletter.
Read on for all the PaperCut highlights for July!

PaperCut 17.2 
General Release Announcement!

PaperCut 17.2 General Release build is available now. If you haven't downloaded 17.2 yet in Early Access, you can upgrade to the latest build now for PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF.

17.2 General Release

PaperCut NG & MF

  • A refreshed, modern interface for users with new custom branding options.
  • Be GDPR compliant with 'Forget-Me' and 'What Do You Know About Me'
  • Secure management of shared accounts with delegated Admin Rights
PaperCut MF
  • New Integrated Scanning in PaperCut MF for Xerox
  • Queue suggestions to help Find-Me configurations
  • New Integrated Scanning in PaperCut MF for Sindoh 
  • Guest Access now enabled on Canon devices
  • Improved Print Release workflow for HP, Sharp and Toshiba devices
  • PaperCut MF support for Toshiba’s erasable ink

See updates on our blog and the full Release History for enhancements and fixes.

Don't Forget!
We Offer API Integration

PaperCut's Integration Team recently received great feedback from a customer at Cornell University who required a change on their user account selection code. The integration team had successfully resolved the client's issue by providing information on the API options that are available to your customers.

You too can deliver the extra value to your customers by simply recommending our API integrations as a hook to external systems such as POS, accounting and/or payment systems. If you would like to find out more about how you can extend PaperCut using the Public API and other techniques, please contact your Authorised Solution Centre to find out more information.

Reminder About End Customer Data Collection

At PaperCut, we work hard to make sure our joint customers are 'for life'. To do that, we partner with our channel partners to provide the best service and support before, during and after installation of PaperCut software.

Why is Customer Contact Information important when you place an order?
PaperCut receives support questions directly to from our mutual customers all the time. We will always work to resolve customer issues - but it's better to work with you to support the customer together. By having the customer information, we can link the customer support contact with the customer contact of your order, help resolve the matter quickly, and bring you into the conversation.

Benefits of having customer information are:

  • Allowing PaperCut Custom Support Team to identify the appropriate reseller should a customer contact PaperCut directly.
  • Faster communication to the end customer should there be any security or other concerns about PaperCut use (such as pirated licenses or bug fixe requirements) that would require immediate attention.
  • Creating a relationship and communication opportunity to promote to customers the value of PUA subscriptions through our channel outside of the product.
What information is required?
  1. Customer Organisation Name
  2. Customer Contact Person
  3. Customer Contact Phone
  4. Customer Contact Email
  5. Customer Contact Address
  6. Customer Website URL
To give you enough time to work with your customers and your Authorised Solution Centre, this information will be mandatory from 1st August 2017. To ensure your orders are processed in a timely manner - please have all mandatory fields completed.
We would like to thank many of our business partners who are seeing the value in the request and who are already providing this information on their orders.

What's New in Knowledge Base

The PaperCut team are always looking at ways to your job easy! We've recently added a new "How To" video in Knowledge Base which shows you how to import and export Identity Numbers (or user card numbers) using a text (tab delimited) file. The benefit of the set-up will make it easy to search for a particular user or it can be used as an alternative to username/password authentication for copiers, hardware terminals or release stations.
View Video...


Support Tip from Anthony!
Do your customers monitor their existing IT infrastructure or are they interested in monitoring their print system?
Use the PaperCut health monitoring endpoints to monitor the health of both the PaperCut system and their end to end print system. We have some great guides on how to setup common monitoring tools with PaperCut too.


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