Edition 45
Reseller Newsletter
Welcome to the 2nd edition of 2017 the PaperCut Reseller Newsletter.
Read on for all the PaperCut highlights for February!

17.0 is nearly available!

Keep an eye on your inbox because Early Access will be out in the next couple of weeks! It's jam-packed with heaps of core and embedded features set to invigorate the market!

A new office in downtown Portland!

A secret project headed up by the Portland team has been brewing for some time now... We're proud to announce a change of address and brand new office for the Portland team in downtown Portland!

Here's a sneak preview of the new digs:


To the surprise of the Portland staff, Chris covertly entered the US and gate-crashed the office opening party and joined in the festivities!


Tradeshow heaven!

We have wrapped up FETC (Florida) and TCEA (Texas) trade shows. Both shows were excellent opportunities to connect with our EdTech audience and showcase how PaperCut can assist with providing visibility of printing in today's education environments. One highlight was meeting a Tech Director who is currently investigating his art department over staff that are running a business inside the school. Needless to say he's keen to get started on PaperCut products to find the offenders!

As a side note - the light sabers are proving hugely popular at events. Order yours now at 

Spreading the PaperCut word in many different languages

We have been working with many of the ASCs to translate existing PaperCut collateral into different languages. At this stage we have prioritized Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Simple Chinese, Tradition Chinese and Japanese.

As we're in the process of updating the new UI images into the translated factsheets and we have already started adding subtitles to videos. If you haven't seen the latest video updates, check out the PaperCut YouTube Channel.

RISO training in France

Master Dimitri from Bluemega transmitted all his knowledge on PaperCut MF to the technical sales team of RISO France over a 2 day conference. They are now operational, to present, propose and install PaperCut MF to their resellers and customers, all over France.
Support Tips with Ross

PaperCut has a Microsoft signed version of the PaperCut Global Postscript driver.  

This driver is included in PaperCut 17.0 Pre-Release.  If you have a customer requiring the Microsoft signed version, it's ready now and you can download it here!

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Recent & Upcoming Events

We've hit the ground running this year with some events coming up in the next few weeks:

PaperCut will be exhibiting at the following events:

Xerox Dealer Conference - ACDI and ecoprintQ
20 - 21 February - Las Vegas, NV USA

HIMSS 2017 Conference & Exhibition - ACDI and ecoprintQ
20- 22 February - Orlando, FL USA

RTM CIO Congress
5 - 7 March - Los Angeles, CA USA

IT Partners - Bluemega and ITS
8 - 9 March - Paris, FR