Edition 44
Reseller Newsletter
Welcome to the 1st edition of 2017 the PaperCut Reseller Newsletter.
Read on for all the PaperCut MF highlights for January (and a tiny little bit of February)!

17.0 is available now in Pre-Release

Make sure you reach out to your ASC to discuss the latest PaperCut MF build. The 17.0 release will be jam-packed with new designs, features and embedded enhancements to help kick-start your 2017.

PaperCut MF 17.0 Pre-Release includes Integrated Scanning for the latest Toshiba devices, so make sure you get this release installed in your showrooms. Here's a handy guide to show you “What’s New for Toshiba”!

Early Access will be available at the end of February, so until then, touch base with your ASC for further information.

Here's a sneak peak in to the new Integrated Scanning on Toshiba!


There's a new look to PaperCut and we want to know what you think!

We've been working hard on a redesign of the administrator interface on PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG. We're really keen to get your thoughts ahead of the 17.0 Early Access release.

Check out the details here for more info and how you can provide feedback on our new look, even before downloading the 17.0 build!

We've even introduce a handy new feedback tool to make it even easier for you!

16.4 Maintenance Release is available

In case you missed it, the 16.4 Maintenance Release for PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG went out last week. Head on over to the PaperCut Portal for the build downloads and release notes.

Project Banksia is coming to an end

Thank you to all who have been providing feedback on Project Banksia while currently in the Percolator.

It has almost completed brewing for our first product release and the Percolator (beta) period will end on 28 February. Project Banksia will work for a number of days after this period, but will timeout and stop working in early March. Keep your eyes out for this exciting new feature, Mobility Print, in the PaperCut 17.0 release.

PaperCut Release Station API update

Following the 16.4 Maintenance Release last week, we have updated the release station API and provided version support to assist developers.

Please email for updated documentation.

And for those of you wanting to get information updates and ask questions, we now have a Google support group for you sign up to.

John Monash students influencing the future of PaperCut...

Over the last week we have had some students from John Monash University completing an internship here at PaperCut HQ. We've made sure to keep them busy with lots of things to do from:
  • Helping us out with screenshots of the new UI and learning about PaperCut MF & NG.
  • Integrating PaperCut MF / NG's custom notifications with Slack.
  • Directing and shooting our cool new Toshiba video (you'll see this soon!)
  • Building online analytics dashboards for our business data and statistics.
  • Developing some interactive, programmatic animation for the PaperCut website (again, you'll see this soon!)
  • And generally being awesome, enthusiastic and bringing a fun, bright energy to the Melbourne office! :)

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PaperCut Global Driver

Don't want to wait for the Microsoft signed version of the PaperCut Global Driver? Get it now here!

Following the roll out of a security update from Microsoft last year, organizations were no longer able to sign drivers with their own certificate and therefore needed these drivers to be signed by Microsoft. Raising a security warning or users being blocked all together when trying to install a driver not signed by Microsoft is more than not ideal, so we have been working hard behind the scenes to get this Microsoft signed version out.

This will be shipped with future PaperCut releases, but for those of you who are eagerly waiting for it, we wanted to get it out to you beforehand.
Raspberry PiAn updated version of the Raspberry Pi release station has been released. This includes the latest build from PaperCut 16.4 and the latest upgrades to Raspian GNU/Linux. If you use the Raspberry Pi setup script Alec provides, you can check out the updated version here. Our Raspberry Pi Print Release Station downloads are available here. Contact with any questions.

PaperCut Software with a Raspberry Pi Release Station

Create a PaperCut Release Station using the Raspberry Pi single board computer

Cost effective Print Release Stations ideal for Education using PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG with the Raspberry Pi.
MFD vendor solutions for PaperCut
Just a quick reminder that a few of the PaperCut MFD solutions we enable are developed and supported by the MFD vendor. You should generally contact their local sales and support organization for assistance, as this should be quick and more convenient. At the moment these vendors are Muratec, RISO, Epson and OKI (xSP2 platform). We are hoping to see Sindoh join this list soon.

Some vendors are also starting to develop integrated scanning features for their solution, so keep your eyes peeled.
Support Tips with Pri  

When using Web Print, the max number of copies that can be printed is 10.

However, It is possible to change this default value by changing the following config key: web-print.max-copies

Recent & Upcoming Events

We've hit the ground running this year with some events coming up in the next few weeks:

PaperCut will be exhibiting at the following events:

Future of Education Technology Conference & Expo
25 - 27 January - Orlando, FL USA

TCEA 2017 Convention & Exposition
 6 - 10 February - Austin, TX USA

Events where our ASCs are exhibiting:

Bett Show: iTS
25 - 28 January - London, UK

Xerox Dealer Conference - ACDI and ecoprintQ
20 - 21 February - Las Vegas, NV USA

HIMSS 2017 Conference & Exhibition - ACDI and ecoprintQ
20- 22 February - Orlando, FL USA