Edition 42
Reseller Newsletter
Welcome to the 42nd edition of the PaperCut Reseller Newsletter.
Read on for all the PaperCut MF highlights for November!

PaperCut MF on Konica Minolta

To support your sales efforts on Konica Minolta, our latest use case video is now available in your region.

Not only do we show the great new interface with Integrated Scanning, this latest video filmed at our Melbourne HQ shows how office users would print and scan in everyday use.

Visit the updated PaperCut MF for Konica Minolta tour page, or watch here with localized voice overs: USA version or AU version.


Branded and shaved for a cause

The Great PaperCut shave! 
Many of our resellers know Jason Clarke, former Support guy and now our very own IT guy at PaperCut HQ. After 7 years at PaperCut, Jason has embarked on his latest challenge, a 250km (155mi) ride around Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay. On a day of gale force winds, stopping many a rider, Jason pulled through, encouraged by his supporters from around the globe.

And to just say thanks, Jason let us dye his hair green and shave it into a PaperCut P! Read the blog and watch how it was all captured on video!  

IZLY Payment Gateway

Offering the best print management solution around PaperCut MF can involve custom integrations for your markets. Consistent with our philosophy to provide customers with choice, the Product team have been working with Bluemega on a new 3rd Party Integration for education in France.

The IZLY Payment Gateway is a student purse, made by the French Government. Integrating with PaperCut MF, students can pay for copy and print on demand via their IZLY account.

"Thanks a lot to Alec from the PaperCut Product team who was closely involved in this project," said Olivier from Bluemega. 

Do you have a 3rd Party Integration in your market? We can help give this visibility on our KB page, just send us an email with details.

Raspberry Pi

Many of our ASCs and Resellers have been sharing their love of Pi, Raspberry Pi that is. This low-cost computer alternative is an affordable option to a typical PC terminal acting as a release station.

If you haven't yet ventured into the land of Pi, the team have produced an instructional setup video, so you can see first hand how Raspberry Pi works with PaperCut NG or MF. This new Tour page also features a download for the latest Raspberry Pi Release Station image for PaperCut MF & NG 16.3.   

Find more information and the Raspberry Pi Print Release Station Image Downloads on our new web page >

Ricoh Convergence 2016, USA

Embracing Android development, in July this year, we released PaperCut MF 16.2 with support for the latest Ricoh Smart Operation Panel MFP’s. Last month's US dealer event, Convergence, gave us the opportunity to show the intuitive interface that allows multi-print job selection and quick scroll. Dealers were impressed with the latest interface, and how quick the application was to install, and intuitive to use.

“There’s a strong focus on the redesigned user interface (UI) and their Smart Operation Panel (SOP).” mentioned the copier industry newsman, Andy Slawetsky from Industry Analysts in his review of Convergence. Read more on PaperCut MF's success in the US in our event blog.

How to videos
Collecting log files

Our support and dev teams are experts at analyzing spool files to see where tricky problems might be hiding.

To help you get the right data from customers, Ross from our UK team, shares how to collect log and spool files so we can help debug page analysis problems on Windows. Watch the video.

How to generate reports

PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG produces useful reports showing printing, copy and scan activity, costs and device configuration in PDF, CSV and HTML formats.

Watch the video, and visit this KB for more information,
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Support Tips with James  

A few times a month SysAdmins email us with Windows print spooler stability issues. In almost all cases they have been contained to driver related issues or bugs.

A simple way to narrow this down is to set the driver isolation mode to Isolated via Print Management. 

The idea here is that if the driver is causing the failure, then moving the rendering functions outside of the spooler service will move this failure into its own process. This will help you to delineate whether the problem lies with the driver, or with the spool service itself.

See more troubleshooting steps for print spooler crashes in our KB. 

What Others Are Saying About PaperCut

Many of you will have seen the testimonials throughout the PaperCut site. Here is a recent one from a US football team:

"In the 30 days since using PaperCut, we have received insight into heavy printer/copier users, the type of documents that are being printed, and the variety of times the devices are utilized..”

Steven, New York Jets LLC, USA