Edition 33
Reseller Newsletter
Welcome to the 33rd edition of the PaperCut Reseller Newsletter. Read on for all the PaperCut MF reseller highlights for this month!

Welcome to 2016

A Happy New Year from all of the team at PaperCut. With new releases on the board for this year, make sure you keep an eye out for this monthly news and our social media posts as we keep on developing. Follow our Tweets or comment on our Linked-In page. If you have a colleague not receiving this news, forward this on so they can subscribe here.

Raspberry Pi anyone?

The team have had a number of requests about running the PaperCut Release Station on a low cost, low power Raspberry Pi computer. In order to help you provide this as a solution to your customers, we have created a Raspberry Pi Linux image that you can download, install and configure as a Release Station.

The Raspberry Pi platform should be tested in the specific environments you plan to deploy in. Please contact your ASC or our support team if you wish to access the image.

Innovation starts right here

Australia's Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has announced a plan to transition Australia from a nation dependent on fossil-fuels to one based on innovation. This generational change is backed by our two co-founders at PaperCut, Chris and Matt. Hear more on their vision for the future in our latest blog article.

If you follow us on Linked-in, share via our PaperCut page

Upgrading PaperCut

To make sure you and your customers are heading to the right place to upgrade existing software, here are the Links and URLs you need:

PaperCut NG Upgrade
Upgrade existing licenses, where Premium Upgrade Assurance is current, or minor versions of the same release eg 15.0 to 15.1:

PaperCut NG 40-day Trial

PaperCut MF Upgrades and Trials
Supplied by you or your ASC, available through the the PaperCut Portal at:

Support Tips with Peter

Q. Do you have a customer who has a Mac or Linux hosted print queue with hold/release enabled, and finds that only one print job can seemingly be held in the queue at a time?

A. It's likely because the driver employed necessitates PaperCut monitoring be configured as a CUPS filter instead of a backend; to establish normal hold/release behavior, your best bet is to look at alternative drivers!
Check out our Knowledge Base article for the "why?" to go with that "what?".

Scan Actions:
A how to video

When showing customers the Integrated Scanning functionality available for Kyocera and Sharp.

This valuable "How To" video on setting up Scan Actions for System Administrators. 

BLI Downloads

The BLI Solutions Report on PaperCut NG and MF v15 is now on the PaperCut Portal for you to download.

Many of you have told us this is an invaluable sales tool, so we have purchased the distribution rights to support your PaperCut sales.

See the Marketing Collateral section of the portal. 

Case Studies 

Do you have a story to share with us?
We would love to hear from you, our portal has a form you can fill out to share your wins with the team. Head to the Portal, navigate to Marketing > Case Studies

Weatherproofing Windows Print Servers 
From the hallowed halls of Microsoft, as a feted Windows print expert, who better than Alan in Customer Support to take us on a journey of Weatherproofing Windows Print Servers. 

Be sure to share Alan's know-how for your partners on how to make infrastructure reliable while simplifying the print experience for end users. Use this easy blog link: Also coming soon as a Knowledge Base article.

What Others Are Saying About PaperCut

Many of you will have seen the testimonials throughout the PaperCut site. Here is a recent one from an Australian Government Department:

“We've been using PaperCut NG since August 2011 and have seen a huge amount of printing within the Department of Education over the years. PaperCut has assisted greatly with controlling/reviewing & assisting with many decisions that have saved the organisation countless amounts of $$$ during this time. PaperCut NG comes highly recommended from me..”

Mathew, Department of Education, Tasmania, Australia