Edition 30
Reseller Newsletter
Welcome to the 30th edition of the PaperCut Reseller Newsletter. Read on for all the PaperCut MF reseller highlights for this month!

PaperCut v15.2 has arrived

Get to know what's New & Noteworthy so you can pass on all the new features and enhancements of 15.2.

Version 15.2 highlights include:

  • Ready for Windows 10, El Capitan and systemd when your customers are.
  • Print server resiliency now included as standard with an additional Site Server
  • User friendly drop down filters and tags for Printer Group management.


Marketing Tools

To assist in creating an impact with your customers, new PaperCut Reseller logos and Event Banners have been updated on your Reseller Portal. Use these brand assets to represent your company and the PaperCut MF solution.

High resolution .eps and .png files can be downloaded for use on event signage, collateral and web pages. 

If you need any help with usage, contact your ASC or the PaperCut marketing team.


Buyers Lab Pick Award

Matt Doran, our CTO and Co-Founder along with Amir Khassaia, Senior Developer were presented with the BLI Summer 2015 Pick Award for Outstanding SMB Print Management Solution in the US in August. Jamie Bsales, Senior Editor, Solutions at BLI congratulated PaperCut on our latest win! 

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Education Videos 
in your language

Designed to highlight the problems faced by education in managing print. Use as a sales resource on your web site, social media, next event or even embed into your presentation to run in the background. Available in 11 languages on our Education Solutions page.

BYOD in schools 
Hear from the educators
Sales tools to help you in education:

ISTE Roundup: It's not the students wasting paper in schools.
Education event, USA.

Video Testimonial: How PaperCut helped manage printing for 2000 users.
Mckinnon Secondary College, Australia.

Case Study: A transition from school provided laptops to BYOD. 
Queen Margarets School, UK.

What Others Are Saying About PaperCut

Many of you will have seen the testimonials throughout the PaperCut site. Here is a recent one from a school district in the US:

“Site server has been FANTASTIC for our environment. In fact, it corrects the only issue we have had since moving to the follow-me printing concept, which was the inability to use devices if the connection to the high school was down. Now, our users experience what appears to be 0 downtime! This solution allows us to leverage the power of PaperCut with our MFPs with complete continuity of service, even in the event of VPN or WAN outages.”

RJ, Johnsburg School District, Chicago IL USA